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The Black Forest Museum demonstrates in a unique and charming manner in lovingly decorated exhibition rooms what life and work were like in the Black Forest in the past centuries.

Please do not hesitate to tell us your special wishes upon reservation. We will strive to arrange your visit according to your wishes.

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We will first show you typical Black Forest crafts, such as wood carving, straw weaving, glass-making and clock-making. Of course, you will also get familiarised in an amusing manner with the traditional Black Forest costumes. Furthermore, you will get some information about clock-making and the clock distribution system. You will see rudimentary clocks with wooden wheels, clocks with lacquered dials, some with moving figurines, flute clocks and mechanical orchestras. You will become aware of the importance of the perfectly organised clock distribution system, when you see the numerous international clock models. You will also become acquainted with the history of barrel organ manufacturing and you will be informed about the gramophones used during the “Imperial Period”, the so-called calliopes.

Guided tours for groups

You can reserve a guided tour at any time by calling the number +49 (0) 7722 44 34 or using our contact form.
Duration: approx. 50 minutes - Rate: € 35.00 (in German language, € 45.00 in foreign language) for the group with a maximum of 30 persons plus an entry ticket for each person

Guided tours for school classes and student groups
You can reserve a guided tour at any time by calling the number +49 (0) 7722 44 34 or using our contact form.

Group offers in the café of the museum
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The café of the Museum offers special services for groups of 5 or more. You can enjoy a special culinary offer, including a cup of coffee and a piece of Black Forest cherry cake for € 5.50 per person. You can also taste the “Black Forest Sundowner” from 3.00 pm, including a butter pretzel and a glass of dry sparkling wine for € 4.90 per person. You can book these offers and the table in the café in advance when reserving a guided tour.


We offer guided tours not only in German and in English, but also in French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

The museum building, which was built in 1834, is not completely accessible for visitors with limited mobility.    Read more ...

All exhibition rooms on each floor are accessible for visitors with limited mobility or in the wheel chair. However, a little detour outside the building may be necessary to get to the rooms. Please note that the toilets are only accessible over some steps. A barrier-free public toilet can be found at the main entrance to the Triberg Waterfall, only about 200 metres away from the museum.


Schwarzwaldmuseum Triberg
Wallfahrtstr. 4
D-78098 Triberg

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